Win-Win Motivational Philosophy
Win-Win Motivational Philosophy – Have you ever made to feel undervalued by another person? Perhaps an administrator, a boss, competitor, colleagues, or anybody told you that you had nothing to offer… or perhaps make you feel some kind of crap and humiliated. If so, then you definitely know how important it is to be valued by another human being.
Win-win Philosophy

Motivational Theory Of Win-Win Philosophy

The win-win philosophy really is oxygen to the soul. It is a method that people normally use to add favorable amount of value to others in order to gain additional value from others. It actually applies in every situation in our daily life which neither you nor those around you have to lose, physically or spiritually. For me, the other words that best to describe the meaning of it is ‘courtesy’ that creates respect to us through giving it to others.
As far as my knowledge is concerned, the concept of win-win philosophy was originally a part of thinking that came from a man named Adam Smith. He was a Scottish political economist and philosopher, published his Theory of Moral Sentiments in 1754 which discussed those standards of ethical conduct that hold and binds society together. Adam Smith believed in win-win philosophy 250 years ago.  He emphasized the harmony of human motives and activities in market setting as well as in social interests. Nothing that has transpired in the last two and a half centuries should make us drift further from that thinking.
Win-win philosophy in motivational books
Almost all motivational books had emphasized on the value of win-win philosophy
However, living in our competitive and fast changing society of today, sometimes we simply forget to exert the power of win-win philosophy when we act with others. We sometimes don’t even feel the importance of adapting the philosophy in ourselves for the betterment of society as a whole. No matter how much we want to be ethically win-win philosophical person, we also have to face the facts that it is not always easy because many times, our culture operates with the mentality that in every situation there is a winner and there is a loser. We love to win and we hate to lose, but everyone hates a tie and that’s for sure. But unfortunately, far too often we take that competitive spirit that underlines in it into our life and sometimes we keep on pushing to win until we all actually just lose…

Win-Win Philosophy In Virtual Living

Well, I have discovered that most people in our society and marketplace today leave their job, organization, party group or even the cause of social problems like leaving their parents or family, do so just because they don’t feel valued. That’s an indictment of how poorly many people probably without realizing it, treat others in our society today, with me no exception. As a parent on the other hand, we surely do have a desire to see our children feel valued and filled with confidence about who they are and in what they do. Unfortunately, not everyone we come in contact with has the same plan.
I remember, I have met with a situation where a young kid went out to join some older kids who were playing at the playground. As I watched he approached them, I could tell he was asking these boys who were older than him, if he could play. In his innocence he had yet to realize that older boys don’t value younger kids during playtime. The older boys then ran off as fast as they could so he couldn’t catch them. There, I can see the disappointment in him through his physical posture. He sat there, elbow on his knees, his cheeks buried in his hands and cried. It was pitiful. I can sense that he felt no value.
Win-win philosophy quote
There are no doubt we all want to feel valued by others, by the organizations, family members as well as in the society in which we belong. Even a young kid can sense that feeling in his heart. Deep down all people want to feel that they matter – and they do. Sometimes it’s not just about winning or losing, it’s just because they have dignity as human beings.

Win-Win Philosopiy In Islamic Understanding

Even in my religious understanding, we believe by the light of revelation from God which instructed us to cooperate with one another for dignity as human beings irrespective of religious background, skin color or races. There is a verse stated in the Holy Quran which supports the win-win philosophy as a
positive moral sentiment
“Cooperation with one another for virtue and heedfulness, and do not cooperate with one
another for the purpose of vice and aggression”
(Al Maidah 5:2)
As from my perspective, the win-win philosophy is really important to personal and professional success as well as the livelihood of a healthy growing society of the nation. It actually should become the responsibility for every people in everyday life. Treat others respectfully, see their side of the story and you’ll launch the possibility of a win-win. When you live by the Win-Win Motivational Philosophy, everybody wins. If I treat you as well as I desire to be treated, you win. If you treat me likewise, I win. Where is the loser in that?
As a matter of fact, it takes the eyes of confidence and faith to do the right thing and hang on until the harvest comes, the good, the right and the true to germinate and grow. May God bestow us His guidance and may all of us have happiness in this world and the eternal hereafter.. ameen.

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  1. assalam…perlu ada keyakinan diri juga…

  2. Perkongsian yang hebat Tn Khir, terima kasih…

  3. Banyaknya buku..
    Perkongsian yang baik Khir. Tq 🙂

  4. Biasanya, jika ada berlaku masalah, kaedah win-win adalah antara yang menjadi pilihan kerana adanya unsur2 diplomatik dan juga akan menguntungkan kedua dua (atau lebih) pihak.

  5. sukar di jangka juga KK hehe,.nice article

  6. Sylarius Yusof

    This situation are better serve in bussiness. I like to think of sales as the ability to gracefully persuade, not manipulate, a person or persons into a win-win situation.

  7. Lynn Munir

    Economics is about creating a win-win situation, so does life.

  8. Perkongsian yang baik terutamanya untuk CP.

  9. Bunda setuju dengan pendapat Fidah Shah…kaedah win-win adalah menjadi pilihan bagi menguntungkan kedua2 pihak…

  10. i like this win-win situation. but most of us tak biasa amalkan win-win. dia nak menang, dia menang sorang je. untuk another person, dia biar tak dapat faedah apa-apa.

    1. Zumal jumpa banyak orang camtu, semua kena kat dia jer… Kita kenalah berlaku adil dan saksama. Biar semua berpuas hati…

  11. Nice entry… Win-win.. Itulah keadilan..

  12. Biasalah pelajar overseo, pasti petah berbahasa inggeris dan artikel pun hebat berkaitan motivasi pulak tu…

  13. Win win situation..kdg2 tak semua suka situasi begini..Sesetengah dr kita tk nk mengalah ..sentiasa nk menang jer kan..Thanks sharing KK

  14. Win-Win Motivational Philosophy, everybody wins. If I treat you as well as I desire to be treated, you win. If you treat me likewise, I win. Where is the loser in that? <———– No…..statement yg membuatkan JM mula berfikir

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