Multilingualism Malaysia

Multilingualism And Nation Building

Multilingualism And Nation Building – Malaysia is in fact a heterogenious, multi-religious and multi-racial country with federal constitutional monarcy, Islam as its official religion and Bahasa Melayu as its official language. As a Socialpreneur and Blogger by practice, a Marketer by qualification, and not a social scientist, I have been a distant observer of Malaysia’s…

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MDEC UK Malaysia

UK And Malaysia Enhance Collaboration On Digital Economy

A delegation of business leaders and companies from the United Kingdom (UK) is in Malaysia, as part of the UK Technology Trade Mission 2016 organised by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) together with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). Aimed at driving opportunities for growing businesses in both Malaysia and the UK, the…

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Theatre Aspiration Malaysia

Our Theatre Aspiration And Its Sustainability In The Digital Era

In case you haven’t noticed, Malaysian theatre has been making a comeback. Social medias are always being choosen as the trusted medium, dominates coffee shop conversation and even produces recognisable stars. Better still, say the theatre companies and its institutions, it is easier to becoming more inspirational to stage a play in this paperless and…

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