Social Entrepreneurship and vested interest

Social Entrepreneurs, Responsibility And Vested Interest – Society is lifeblood of the country and the youth is the future of the nation. I have written not long ago about these unique calling, to play a part of my role and responsibility for the betterment of the society.

Unlike activism or volunteerism in which defined as ‘a societal responsibility to join in, to give freely of one’s time to assist others’, some have advocated the term of social entrepreneurs to ‘founders of organization or firms that primarily rely on earned income and contracted work for public authorities include grants, donation and sponsorship’.

I believe for whatever reason, that both shared the common manifestation on the societal concerns. In its purest form, it is still a selfless, altruistic and philanthropic deed that has its motive the desire to do good and righteousness, to help oneself and others achieve the same.

Drug Free Youth Association

Social Entrepreneurs And Nation Building

As in Malaysia, I have to admit that our country is not lacking in the people who have the intention of helping the disadvantaged in society by giving in cash or kind, and by contributing knowledge, skills and expertise. Doesn’t matter weather it is profit making or non-profit charitable causes, the main intention are mainly the same.

Indeed, Malaysia has all the characteristics to head on towards becoming a welfare oriented developing nation with a well develop system in the making.

I am however, still… more interested in focusing on the matter of improving social education and social enterpreneurship values especially to the youngsters – youth and the society as a whole. It is my unique calling to create awareness, information and knowledge, to uplift their entreprenurial attitudes as well as positive influence on lifestyle and their future career for the betterment of the society.

Social Entrepreneurs Responsibility and vested interest

Educating and creating awareness of issues that matter are a continuous process and require ongoing activities. Psychological capacities indeed are sometimes risky, very challenging and more difficult to access. While you may see immediate improvements in the former, the latter may defy short-term results and instead have long term, more lasting outcomes.

Social Entrepreneurship And Vested Interest

Inspired by those objectives, I have made up a decision to move forward by working together with social entrepreneurs, along with the related authorities, private sectors and NGOs to support in engaging the youngsters including exploited marginalized groups, focusing on interaction and disclosure on issues of positive exposure, career guidance, socio-economics opportunities and societal well being through strategic social and academic-industry intervention programs.

More urgent, these people are not only can polish their greater talents and interests in the right way but also exposed to sensible arguments and have the ability to express their opinion, speak up and make their voices heard positively.

In this way, any societal morality improvements and disclosure on issues of reducing social problems such as vandalism, gangsterism, drugs, crimes and any societal concerns are executed with interest at heart by the forefront of this civil society movement.

Social enterpreneurship, Responsibility and Vested Interest

Indeed, the calling to do good and righteousness is clear in all faiths and religions. As in mine, Islam teaches that God has given the faculty of reason and therefore expects man to reason things out objectively and systematically for himself. He gave us the norms of distinguishing between truth, virtue and morality as against falsehood, vice and immorality.

“… whoever killeth a human being for other than man-slaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whosoever saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.” – (Al-Maidah, 5:32).

For those who intended in entreprenuring social development of the nation, let it not said that we are doing societal business just for ‘vested interest’. We are saving lives, guiding and supporting them towards the right path for their future. To be a good citizen, digital savy, active, smart, well dedicated, creative, innovative, supportive yet positive well being, in shaa Allah.

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20 Thoughts to “Social Entrepreneurs, Responsibility And Vested Interest”

  1. juga baca dalam entri dalam bahasa Inggeris..

  2. Sylarius Yusof

    Every one in a society should do their part in contributing for greater good. It's hard accomplish in this material world today. But somehow, somebody or someone must take the action to make it happen.

  3. Success in a nation is also depending on how best we can strike a balance between economic and social development. I believe, a lot of people out there are interested to join this kind of activities. Maybe, by having clear objective and information on the related programs will attract more people to join…
    All the best Khir 🙂

  4. selamat berjuang demi bangsa tersayang

  5. Semoga diberkati Allah SWT atas usaha yang suci murni.

  6. Yumida Huda

    bagus ada program macam ni. menjadikan masyarakat lbh bertanggungjwb. moga usaha murni dipermudahkan…

  7. Semoga perjuangan KK dalam bidang ini berjaya membentuk generasi hadapan yang lebih baik… Insha Allah…

  8. semoga usaha murni yang akan dilaksanakan ini diberkati oleh-Nya…insya Allah

  9. Nurul Hidayah

    In shaa Allah.. Aamiin.. good luck Khir.. All the best!

  10. Bgus de program sebegini… Moga terus berkhidmat dan dipermudahkan urusan…

  11. Semoga segalanya dipermudahkan Allah …InsyaAllah aaamin aaamin … Allthe best KK..Fuhh entri BI kali ni ya KK..Memang TERBAIk la..Tahniah KK melangkah setapak lagi ………

  12. Sukarnya menjadi anak2 muda zaman ini… Bersyukur pula dilahirkan dalam generasi X.

  13. Cetusan Minda

    hanya segelintir sahaja yg terdedah dan berminat utk sertai aktiviti yg sihat …

  14. Lynn Munir

    Tajuk ni nampak je santai tapi heavy juga kupasannya apatah lagi bila dibentangkan secara ilmiah.
    Terbaek KK.

  15. Amin…semoga usaha murni khir ni diteruskan supaya generasi akan datang terpelihara dari anasir2 negatif…

  16. Anonymous

    Tugas ibu bapa semakin sukar..

  17. macam abang KK cakap diorang berani menyuarakan pendapat mereka. tapi kadang2 orang lebih dewasa xnak dengar. diorang x percaya that we can do this. so, mostly, they just depends on their friends. itu sampai terpengaruh.. there's no two way communication between the youth and the adults

  18. kerja sosial yg sangat mulia

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