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In case you haven’t noticed, Malaysian theatre has been making a comeback. Social medias are always being choosen as the trusted medium, dominates coffee shop conversation and even produces recognisable stars. Better still, say the theatre companies and its institutions, it is easier to becoming more inspirational to stage a play in this paperless and boarderless info-digital era.
Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur,
Istana Budaya : The center palace of art and theatrical performance in Malaysia

Malaysian Theatre In The Boarderless Digital Era

The diversity of the theatre companies is an equally astounding feature of this resurgence. Malay language theatre has never been healthier and is beginning to attract a crossover audience from the English theatre-going set. Even Chinese and Indian theatres are catching the bug.
Undeniably, social medias such as blog, twitter, instagram and facebook plays an upmost important influence than the mainstream media on the re-establishment of theatre to the public interest and awareness. From being kept secret, theatre has become public property. It is now subject to unprecented scrutiny and criticism, resulting in an overall rise in professional standards. Malaysian audiences, uncomfortable for some practitioners of the arts, are fast becoming very discerning.
ASWARA, Bondings,
An honourable experience by ASWARA as a theatre critic for Bondings

The Sustainability Of The Malaysian Theatre Industry

However, for theatre’s continued progress, there are some challenges. Malaysian theatre still needs constant public support and mass involvements. Entertainment laws being such, the prepayment of entertainment tax somehow puts a further strain on a private company’s delicate finances as well. Consistant support from the Government, GLCs and such should also be forthcoming.
This seemingly bottomless interest in theatre has sparked off a healthy debate in the drama industry… namely, can it be sustained?… Interestingly, one word that comes up often in this discussion is ‘revival’.
The word often refers to what is generally acknowledged to be the golden age of Malaysian theatre industry, the late 60’s and early 70’s.
Malay Theatrical Performance, Malaysia Theatre,
Malay theatrical performance
For now, Malaysian theatre was at its most raw, experimental but creative. However, the insularity that characterised the rest of the 70’s seems to have stopped the early theatre machine in its tracks. It was as if, having wrested the laurels of drama from the then still dominant British expatriates, there seemed to be nothing else to fight for.

New Facade Of Malaysian Theatre In The Digital Millenia

Thus, the only favourite question among the critics, spectators as well as the public from my experience in the series of collaborations with the theatrical artisans and managerial team of today… is the activity on stage that we see, whether the sprouting inspirations of some dormant seeds of those heady years, or an expression of a wealthier, more energetic but spiritually emptier society?
This is a question that occupies many of our theatre luminaries. The resurgence seems to have somehow prompted them to ask disturbing question… However from my humble perspective, i do sincerely believe that the theatre industry in Malaysia is just about to reborn and sparkle lively than before in few years to come. A new facinating era of theatre is now at its beginning facade to florish in the new dimention of the paperless and boarderles info-digital millennium era… so what say you?

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    1. hahaha.. komen Jm style.. x susah mana pun.. senang je.. kan KK kan.. hehehe

    2. Jom sesekali kita sama2 layan theater… best tau 🙂 🙂

    3. x pernah lagi.. tapi kalau KK nk belanja, saya ok je, sanggup merempit dari penang datang.. hahaha

  1. pd pandangan sy laa, seharusnya setiap negeri ada 'istana budaya'nya sendiri… dari situ kite boleh nmpk usaha masyarakat utk memertabatkan budaya dan seni negara

    1. el

      saya sokong…asik2 buat kat KL je..buatlah kat merata negeri barulah best..hehehe

    2. Betul tu.. saya pun setuju idea tu… setiap negeri pun perlu support theatre di tmpat masing2 secara bersungguh… bagus tau theater ni… lebih susah nak menjiwai lakonan theatre drp movie.. 🙂 🙂

  2. belum pernah ke istana budaya. menarik juga tempatnya

    1. Mmg menarik.. skrng pun dah nmpak lg ramai.. teater pun dh mcm2.. 🙂

  3. teringin nak tengok theater tapi sayangnya di Sabah ni takda..huhu

    1. Betul tu… patut ada.. setiap negeri dah patut ada kan.. 🙂

  4. Salah satu cara untuk merehatkan minda disamping menghargai karya dan bakat orang lain..

    1. Betul tu.. seni teater ni ada jiwa.. klu dah dpt tempo teater, mmg teringat2 lakonan yg kita tonton tu.. superb.. 🙂


  6. sekarang ada teater Mak Cun D'Wale..boleh la pergi tengok…

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