Last week, I was poking around a buy and sell trade store which is really partly an antique store and partly a second hand stuff store. My eyes got attracted to a guitar because of it’s colour.
A yellowish and dark cherry red with black finished Gibby… wow!.. that is not easy to find in the second hand store. So I tested, strummed the strings and it sounded reasonably in tune. The price was also reasonable with a nylon case included and top of it all, it was 25% off… the rest was a history.
Guitar, Myself And Its Obsession,

Myself, Guitar And Its Obsession

My love affair with guitars purely begins when I was 15 years old.
Throughout my teenage years I learned to play guitar and it always makes me inspired. I took guitar lesson, love my guitar and have bought several more to keep it company and practice as much as I can up to 4 hours a day. Life is not perfect but is worth living.
Later in my college years and in my 20’s, I learned to join several music jammers to perform in a wedding live band and some part of mini concert performances as well as college and university’s events. I was actively searching for music friends to jam with or a band to join in.
Khir Khalid, Guitar, Myself And Its Obsession,
I’ve joined a musical pop culture groups, the grunge, hard rock jammers and even punk rock enthusiasts and got so obsessed with its tune and tempo. That was my musical era with its personal pleasure to play rhythm in a progressive music bands of the 90s.
Khir Khalid, Guitar, Myself And Its Obsession,

Guitar, The Obsession And Its Rewarding Experience

As for me, guitar can be a very rewarding experience, and a personal ones at that. It has florished great memories as far as overseas, played gigs, lesson jams as well as creating good friendship.
We played in the rain, the snow, the very cold and a windstorm so severe that speaker columns got blown over. Once, during a night outdoor gig, we were swarmed by so many insects I could hardly see the fred board… but we just keep on jamming.
Khir Khalid, Guitar, Myself And Its Obsession,
Well… guitar is the first decent musical instrument I ever owned and has held in its value. The experience and memories worth more than a million bucks. Even I was not popular as professionals musicians nor guitarist, it was a great memoirs in my music life experience.
Guitar is a universal musical instrument… and now, being a husband and father of 4, guitar is just one of the medium for family entertainment and good passtime activity, or perhaps… a great activity whenever I feel of reminiscing the glory of the younger years… cheers!
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19 Thoughts to “Guitar, The Obsession And Memorabilia”

  1. Whoa, now we know that you're holding a hidden talent! 🙂

    1. Old time talent bro hahaa.. btw, wish u happy Eid and thanks for stopping by 😀 🙂

  2. I always wanted to learn how to play guitar when I was young, but doesn't have the chance nor the money. Now, too old to learn and no extra time to spent for that. huhuhu…

    1. Yup.. time constrain is always be a factor nowdays bro. Same goes to me 😀

  3. Bermain gitar atau piano…sama ada bakat atau belajar dan minat..ianya satu yang berharga..suka dengar dan tengok orang main gitar sahaja tanpa ada alat muzik lain….

    1. Betul tu.. bila kenang balik, mmg kenangan tu berharga dan ada sentimental value tersendiri 🙂

  4. Wahhh ada bakat main gitar rupanya!

    1. Bakat dulu2.. lama juga tak jumpa geng yg betul2 boleh jamming sekarang.. yg ada pun dah pencen

  5. wah gitaris rupanya artis berbakat ni…tahniah memori indah dlm kenangan

    1. Menghargai kenangan mengungkil inspirasi kak hehee

  6. tgh 'goreng' lagu apa tu? hahaha

    1. Lagu nirvana, kurt cobain hahaa

  7. I got go to a music center to learn guitar for almost half year but then quit. I can play some cords but not really know how to play it properly.

    1. Yup.. the hardest thing in a first place is to get all fingers tuned with the cords, and to withstand the tossing fingers as well huhu

  8. Zumal pernah idamkan untuk belajar main gitar dan miliki gitar tapi sampai sekarang tak berjaya. Hehe…

    1. Mngkin lepas ni bolehlah sambil2.. skrng pun sekadar minat, ada rezeki lebih cari yg rare buat collection je

  9. Ayu

    Suka sgt org main gitar hihi.. Kagum sbb jarinya pantas.. Anak saya ade sorg suka . Tp sbb msh kecil, so, ukulele jeklah dl.

    1. Ukulele pun ok juga.. ada org dewasa pun main ukulele dan seronok juga tengok. Boleh asah bakat anak tu sbg riadah sampingan sambil2 🙂

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