University Of Wolverhampton Malaysia Alumni Dinner
My life as a student in University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom remains among the most exciting and rewarding experience ever. There are so many reminiscences to tell and it’s hard to decide where to start or what to include.

After our last official reunion at Concorde Hotel 2 years ago, we managed to meet again in a formal but relaxed gathering with lots of people catching up, exchanging stories and news about each other’s life’s. The alumni dinner was held in conjunction with the Global Partnership Event on Wednesday evening of 3rd June 2015 at The Gardens Hotel and Residences – St Giles Luxury Hotel, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur.

University Of Wolverhampton Alumni Dinner

The Alumni Dinner In Global Partnership Event

“A new friend is valuable, an old friend is priceless”… that’s the best phrase I can describe the value of ‘alumni reunion’ in such a way, always inspires my inner creativity to move forward in career and living.

The University of Wolverhampton alumni dinner 2015 was well celebrated in a fine dining and entertainment. It includes a welcome speech by our vice president, sharing the vision of the university and how the alumni is a very big part of the history and the tradition. He also took the opportunity to encourage the alumni to return and support the current students by sharing their experiences.

University Of Wolverhampton Alumni Dinner
The alumni students had also witnessed the MOU signing ceremony in the Global Partnership Event between the University of Wolverhampton and University of Malaysia Sabah, Podar Education Group and Erican College, before proceeded with a friendly competition to describe in 3 words about University of Wolverhampton, based on our experience as the alumni students… guess what??? I’ve won the 3rd prize! The 3 words…”empowering my personality” came sincerely deep from my inner heart indeed… 🙂
The event continues with the slide of alumni’s pictorial memories, reminisced the good times in campus life. There were lots of ooohhhs and aahhhs expression, garnered great cheers and laughter from the crowd. It was so fun, sentimental and impressed me on how things has changed over the years. So, there are no words that best described the excitement for the alumni dinner on that lovely evening. Only pictures can tell the stories of how glad I personally felt being one of the University of Wolverhampton’s alumni members.
University Of Wolverhampton Alumni Dinner
With my campus mates in 1996/97… Telford Campus
University Of Wolverhampton Alumni Dinner
“Empowering My Personality”
Got a dining voucher for 2 at Sage Restaurant, The Garden Hotel
University Of Wolverhampton Alumni Dinner
Pictorial moment with mates and one of the university’s representative
University Of Wolverhampton Alumni Dinner
Snap, snap.. again and again… yeay.. 😀
University Of Wolverhampton Alumni Dinner
With the other batch of alumni… different year but same uni still.. 🙂
University Of Wolverhampton Alumni Dinner
With newly intakes.. All the best mates!!!
University Of Wolverhampton Alumni Dinner
Say cheese… 🙂 🙂

Alumni Dinner : Reminising The Good Time In University’s Life

The event ends at about 10:30pm and it concluded with photo session of all attendances. I’m waiting for that photo for my personal memory collection… I’m going to frame it, and display it in my working room.. yeah! If you ask me whether I would further my PHD in University of Wolverhampton? I’ll definately say yesss.. love it! Now I’m still working on it financially and mentally… probably in few years to come, if God willing… aameen… Any sponsors please??.. 😀
University Of Wolverhampton Alumni Dinner
Class of 1997 Telford Campus, Shropshire
Till then, it is my fervent hope to meet again… congratulation and thank you to the University of Wolverhampton for the great and enjoyable alumni dinner event. It was indeed, an evening with fun, excitements and laughter, while reminiscing our sweet time as student in the University of Wolverhampton.

Thanks again and cheers!!.. 🙂


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21 Thoughts to “University Of Wolverhampton Malaysia Alumni Dinner 2015”

  1. Wow, impressive…bestnya bertemu rakan-rakan lama kan?

  2. seronoknya bertemu rakan2 lama di universiti dulu mengmbau kenangan lalu yg mengusik jiwa.

  3. terbelet lidah nak baca karangan KK kali ni =)

    1. jgn baca…eja ye YY hihhihi….sis JM pun sama…bahasa tinggi!

  4. kali ni nampak sungguh hansem khir..hehe

  5. amazing indeed! great experience, great memories I guess? 😀

  6. amik masa nak baca ni..yang penting memang best kalau dapat jumpa rakan lama kan..

  7. wahhh mesti best kan dpt jupa muka2 lama… 😉

  8. Bestnya gi reunion. Dapat jumpa member-member lama….
    Moga persahabatan berkekalan

  9. mesti best dapat jumpa member2 lama.. hihi..

  10. tahniah tuan..memang hebat dan awesome

  11. Best bila dapat jumpa kawan-kawan lama..

  12. Cetusan Minda

    mkn berdua je … honeymoon tu .

  13. Reunion, bestnyer…dapat merapatkan kembali tali persahabatan..

  14. Alhamdulillah dapat jumpa balik teman teman lama..Pastinya banyak bendamenarik yang nak dibualkan..Bukan senang tu nak kumpul ramai2 camni…

  15. hai bila lah saya dapat bertemu rakan-rakan lama ya macam KK berpeluang bertemu mereka ni hehe,.

  16. Congrats…dapat voucher lagi

  17. If you ask me whether I would further my PHD in University of Wolverhampton? I'll definately say yesss.. love it! <——- Wahhh…daebak! Ohsem!!! JM hanya mampu beri sokongan moral je..DUIT? x mampu 🙂

  18. wah, empowering my personality. erghhhhh,, hebak hebak! tahniah menang hehehehhee… bukan mudah dapat vaucher tu.

    in shaa ALLAH saya doakan abg KK dapat further study di tempat sama 🙂 teringin nak sambung study dekat oversea.

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