INTI TCM Coca-Cola Pendidikan 

INTI Students Make the Day for Coca-Cola’s Employees

INTI Students Make the Day for Coca-Cola’s Employees – 21 students from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at INTI International University (INTI) recently entered the grounds of Coca-Cola Bottlers (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. with one mission – to provide their assistance and services to the female employees at the corporation. Accompanied by four lecturers who are also practitioners in their fields, the INTI students treated Coca-Cola’s female employees to complimentary Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Physiotherapy treatments and consultations about their current health status. The students succesfully treated over…

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INTI Yeshchindha Gunasegeran Motivasi Pendidikan 

Learn How Yeshchindha Made A Courageous Breakthrough And Excelled

In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2019, I would like to share you a story of a young woman who made a courageous breakthrough in her life. A testimony of an undergraduate who braved switching her field of study and achieved success. Yeshchindha Gunasegaran @ Yesh, 24, a passionate graduate of Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) in collaboration with Coventry University, UK, has proven that there is nothing to be feared as one can make a breakthrough and excel with the help of experienced and supportive lecturers. Made A Courageous…

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FedEx Cares Pendidikan 

FedEx Malaysia Supports Urban Farming And Educational Empowerment

FedEx Malaysia Supports Urban Farming And Educational Empowerment – Did you know that access to education and food security are two of the most concerning issues faced by the urban poor communities in Malaysia? As part of its commitment to help foster community empowerment, more than 200 FedEx Express team members participated in two separate FedEx Cares activities in Malaysia. The initiatives were held in collaboration with the Food Aid Foundation and INTI International University & Colleges to help address the issues of food security and education inequality in the…

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INTI - Baiko Gakuin University Pendidikan 

Memupuk Hubungan Pendidikan Dasar Pandang Ke Timur 2.0

Memupuk Hubungan Pendidikan Dasar Pandang Ke Timur 2.0 – Hubungan Malaysia dengan Jepun telah mula terjalin kembali dan mengimarahkan aspirasi Dasar Pandang Ke Timur 2.0 negara. Antara elemen kerjasama transnasional ini termasuk mengintegrasi sistem pendidikan Jepun ke Malaysia. Perbualan antara Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan Perdana Menteri Shinzo Abe beberapa bulan terdahulu telah membawa kepada perancangan bagi menempatkan 3 cawangan kampus Jepun di Malaysia. Ia juga merupakan perancangan kerjasama pertama buat negara Jepun. Memupuk Hubungan Pendidikan Dasar Pandang Ke Timur 2.0 Selaras usaha memupuk hubungan pendidikan dengan negara…

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Jeffrey Cheah Foundation raised RM1million for SJK(C) Chee Wen Pendidikan 

JCF Raises RM1 Million For SJK(C) Chee Wen

JCF Raises RM 1 Million For SJK(C) Chee Wen – Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (JCF) hosted a fundraising dinner for SJK(C) Chee Wen last Sunday at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa and announced a total donation of RM1 million for the school’s restoration work and enhancement. This marks a total of more than RM5 million contribution from JCF and Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah to the school since 2007. Donors were treated to a delicious dinner and a series of festive cultural performances including Diabolo performance and Chinese traditional dance by…

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