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Sunway College Hosts Sunway TES – ACCA First Global Real-World Case-Based Audit Stimulation

Sunway TES Centre of Accountancy Excellence (STES CAE) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), officially launched the first international installation of its famed real-world case-based Sunway TES-ACCA Global Audit Stimulation Programme.

It is the first and only real-world case-based audit stimulation programme. While this is its first global installation, this is the eight installation of the programme which first started in 2015 at Sunway College. The programme is an exclusive partnership between STES CAE, ACCA and multinational audit firms; PwC, EY, KPMG, Deloitte and BDO.

This year’s first global installation attracted 54 students from seven universities around the Asia Pacific and Middle East region. Representatives from Indonesia’s Petra Christian University, London School of Accountancy and Finance, Padjadjaran University; Dubai’s Middlesex University; India’s International Skill Development Corporation (ISDC Global), the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Bahrain Polytechnic, and Oman’s Sultan Qaboos University. They join 218 students from STES CAE.

Sunway TES - ACCA First Real-World Case-Based Audit Stimulation

The students are currently pursuing their ACCA qualification and have completed the pre-requisite papers Corporate and Business Law (LW), Performance Management (PM), and Taxation (TX), and are currently preparing to attempt or have attempted Audit and Assurance (AA).

For a week, the 272 participants, divided into 38 groups of 7 members per group, will go through three components; Audit Workshop, Audit Stimulation and Audit Review.

Teo Ee Sing, Executive Director at Sunway College said the unique programme is designed to allow students to acquire practical audit work skills through effective time management, team work, communication and leadership, all which are essential to ensure work readiness.

“In its previous installations, the Sunway TES-ACCA Audit Stimulation Programme has been proven to enhance students’ knowledge through practical learning, exposure to real life audit and the opportunity to secure employment offers from the reviewing firms,” he elaborated.

“Since the inception of Sunway TES in 1994, we have nurtured more than 6,000 ACCA graduates some of which are world prize winners. Through the long established strategic partnership with PwC, EY, Deloitte, KPMG, BDO, and Acca, it is our hope that Sunway TES can continue its culture of excellence and continue to create inspirational interventions for students to accomplish their goals,” he added.

Dato’ Merina Abu Tahir, President of the Malaysia Advisory Committe (MAC) and Chair of ACCA Advisory Committe congratulated Sunway TES and ACCA for organising the programme with the help of multinational firms.

“Representatives from multinational audit firms will be guiding, facilitating students on audit techniques and reviewing the work at the end of the stimulation. The stimulation is similar to a one-week crash course in audit, which will provide participants a true real working experience. The programme is a shining example of Sunway TES’ innovative approach to focus on building employability and real world skill in students,” she said.

Teo Ee Sing together with Dato’ Merina and Lee Kok Choong, Malaysia Learning and Development Leader, EY; Dato Gan Ah Tee, Regional Senior Partner, BDO; Esther Thng, Regional Head of Education, ASEAN ANZ, ACCA; Nor Sherriza Nor Rashidi; Employer Branding – Lead, PwC, Peter Lim Chu Guan, Partner, Deloitte and Zetty Othman, Manager, Talent Acquisition and Branding, KPMG officially launched the Sunway TES-ACCA Global Audit Stimulation Programme.

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