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I was a skateboarding fan during the time when I was a teenager besides music and guitar as my favourites. I’m actually not really good at it but it was and still one of the sport that I admire. Till now, I would love to invite skateboarders to perform the slot whenever I had chance to do in every social related events that I managed.
Sometimes, I even drive my family out enjoying skateboard competition and events at the commercial skate park center. It is a great challenging sports and I salute to those old timer skateboarders for their sweat and hard work to prove to the society that skateboarding is a positive sport. An extreme positive sport to be precise…
Skateboarders in Kuala Lumpur

Skateboarder And Entrepreneurial Thinking

For me, the small things people may not notice day-to-day, stand out when you are a skateboarder. For instance, what do you see and what do you actually notice when you are driving around town, take a trip to a shopping mall, drop your kids off at school, walk to the bus stop or go for a run?
Probably peoples, cars, stores and windows. But what about the smaller things like stairs, rails, curbs, banks, holes or even dips in the pavements. These are things that only few notice throughout our daily routines.
Being a skateboarders fan, it actually helps to think outside the box and see different opportunities that a normal person wouldn’t pay attention to.  The bench you sat on at the bus stop is no longer just a bench. It now is an object to try your latest trick on.
The stairs you walked down are no longer just stairs. You now view them as ‘6 stair’. They have the perfect runaway and you imagine how it would feel to land a smooth kick-flip down them… very pleasure indeed!!
Skateboarder, skaters
As a skateboarder, you don’t think of simple objects as simple objects. You don’t want to use them for what they are meant. The first thing that comes to your mind when seeing that bench is not sit on it. There are too many other things that can be done.
That is the main reason why most people see skateboarders as rebel group of youngsters. As from my own experience, I called it creativity and talent. Youngsters are always rebel at heart because they are simply young and vibrant. As an adult, it is our responsibility to understand and channel it to the right and proper stream with encouragement and guidance for the betterment of society.

Embedding Entrepreneurial Mindset For Skateboarders

So, this is much related to entrepreneurial thinking. What do you notice when you travel the interstate, read a magazine, drink out of your Nescafe’s can, play your video game, watch your favourite show, or attend a local event?
Entrepreneurs notice opportunity. Every surface is an opportunity to generate impression, give a call to action, or just to maintain brand loyalty, and there are always endless methods of innovative career developments. From the initial introduction of a brand, to the very last chance of capturing a target and run the selling, entrepreneurs sees different aspects of everyday objects and how they can be used to benefit the society.
Kuala Lumpur Skateboarder
Now that traditional media is beginning to fade out, and new media is becoming more popular there are endless ways towards career enhancement and development. We all know from going out to the store to browsing the internet and picking most of the products on line.
The new era of technology has emerged and constantly upgrading. Social media and interactive era are emerging next to come.
Skateboarders are just like entrepreneurs. We have to keep on up grading, not on the unwise spending just to cope up with the latest trends, but to strengthen our intellectuals on what’s new in the industry to create and grab the very best opportunities, just as fast as all technology.
Till then… skate hard, think fast and stay positive!

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42 Thoughts to “Skateboarders Are Just Like Entrepreneurs”

  1. Suka tengok orang main skateboard 😀

    1. Mmg syok.. seronok Inani.. 🙂

  2. indeed .. good write up.. there consequences between skateboard with entreprenuers.

    1. Yup Acik.. what we need is to channel it correctly for their good and the betterment for all.. in shaa Allah..

  3. Teringin nak main skateboard nie ^^

    1. Seronok… jom main nanti Zumal… 🙂

  4. It's really good when we hv activity that trains us to look at things from different angles, be more creative and innovative…Gud info Khir 🙂

    1. Perhaps it's the best way to combat negativity and to inject positive moral thinking for the youth today and the society as a whole, in shaa Allah. Thanks Fidah.. 🙂

  5. hmm, betul juga kan. x pernah tefikir lak dari sudut skateboarders and entrepreneurs. nice entry la.. saya suka 😀

    1. Alhamdulillah.. mudah2an menjadi sesuatu yg bermanfaat buat renungan bersama, in shaa Allah.. 🙂

  6. erm bila difirkan memang ada kaiatan apa yg bro khir katakan..
    sama seprti bermain..kita perlu kretif.. berfikir diluar kotak..samalah
    dlm melakukan sesuatu pniagaan 😛

    1. Mudah2an bermanfaat bro Sobri.. ada pulak pepatah 'berfikir tanpa kotak' pulah sekarang ni hihii.. macam2. Tapi itulah cabaran dunia sekarang ni kan.. kena fikir dari satu sudut positif yg berlainan atas setiap sesuatu.. 🙂

  7. Hanya yang berani dan cekal baru boleh main skateboard sebab jika silap pasti terjatuh..begitu juga dalam bidang bisnes..perlu ada keberanian dan berfikiran kreatif serta inovatif..

    1. Betul tu CP.. itulah antara maksud yg ingin disampaikan. Mudah2an menjadi satu input yg baik buat peminat skateboard juga buat semua, in shaa Allah.. 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Berani nyer diorg ni.. Takut jugak tengok.

    1. Kena tahu teknik surfing juga ni… pasti seronok Kathy hihii.. 🙂

  9. kalau ada yg berbakat dlm permainan ni, better dikembangkan hgga ke peringkat antarabangsa…mcm tony hawk tu

    1. Betul tu Anies.. skrng pun dah banyak peluang hingga ke peringkat antarabangsa. Rugi klu mereka terarah kpd perkara yg sia2.. minat tony hawk jugak eh.. 🙂 🙂

    1. Mudah2an bermanfaat sis.. t kasih.. 🙂

  10. Apa saja yang kita buat kena fikir secara positif..Tak kira nak main skateboard ataupun nakmmain suka apa yang penting positigkan diri kita..Tapi kalau lya la nak bagi anak main sukan ni huhuhu susah rasanya …hanya yang cekal jer kot blh main..

    1. Betul tu Lya.. itulah apa yg ingin disampaikan. Melihat sesuatu yg positif sbg satu elemen melawan gejala negatif melalui sesuatu trend itu sendiri… klu nak bagi anak baik2.. takut tersilap landing boleh hilang gigi pulak hehee.. 🙂

    1. Yup indeed.. positive thinking creates positive live and living, in shaa Allah.. 🙂

  11. salah satu kegemaran saya dalam skate.

    1. Samalah kita hihii.. 🙂 🙂

    2. x suka sbb x andai nk imbang badan

  12. kalau dah minat memang macam tu..semua perkara dari kecil sampai yang besar-besar akan diambil kita..

    1. Betul tu.. dgn minat klu disalurkan ke arah yg baik lebih mudah utk mencapai kejayaan, in shaa Allah.. 🙂

  13. saya lihat di temerloh ada satu tempat bermain skate board tau KK,tiap petang dan malam pasti mereka ada di situ,bagus juga mereka lakukan aktiviti ni dari melepak tanpa hala tuju atau pergi merempit kan KK,hehe,nice sharring KK

    1. Menarik tu.. mmg betul. Lebih2 lagi klu aktiviti ni mendapat bimbingan yg sewajarnya sesuai dgn penerimaan mereka. Permasalahan sosial mmg mampu dibentras dgn menjadikan ia sbg satu aktiviti sukan dan riadah yg membina.. thanks Eyfa.. 🙂

    1. Ska8erboi nama glamernya hihii.. 🙂

  14. Seronok juga tgk org yg pndai dengan sukan skateboard ni..

    1. Mmg seronok, apatah lagi klu mereka ni dibimbing dan disalurkan ke arah yg sebaiknya.. 🙂

  15. Cetusan Minda

    apa pun yg kita buat , perlu berfikir secara lebih luas utk berjaya … dr remaja lagi teringin nak main . sampai la ni tak merasa juga …

  16. Suka tengok orang main skateboard..tapi tak terasa pun nak main sama….tunggang langgang jadinya….. haha…

  17. fact ni menarik..JM baru tahu "helps to think outside the box and see different opportunities that a normal person wouldn’t pay attention to"

  18. kiranya mereka lihat dari view berbeza

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