Japanese Art of War in business

I’ve taken to heart what Socrates spoke about ‘Unexamined Life’ in an article that I’ve read, explaining about evaluating life and creating strategies for a better tomorrows and now I’m taken a hard look at mine.

Reading on the article about life, career and living in the magazine has reminded me back the time I was working in Queensland, Australia almost 17 years ago. It was a time that I’ll never forget, meeting with a newly enterprising entrepreneurs while enjoying the beach and watching the waves on a magnificent Coral Sea.

Traditional Japanese Art Of War For Entrepreneurs

Besides knowing new friends and acquaintances locally and abroad, I’ve also met a young Japanese entrepreneur who is developing a device that dispense natural fragrances into buildings to enhance the air quality. Frankly, it was my first time having an in depth conversation with the highly ambitious Japanese entrepreneur.
Well, it’s not about product and invention that I want to share but the topic that we shared and enjoying the moments of exchanging knowledge on cultural background, political understanding, career vision as well as ideas. I’ve learned from him the Japanese belief which in fact, one of the ingredients for most of Japanese success across the globe today.
He shared his business challenges and explained how most Japanese entrepreneurs succeeded in dealing with ways in which small entrepreneurs might effectively compete with bigger and more powerful companies while still maintaining its traditional entity.
It is a Japanese traditional idea of ‘how small fish control the big fish’. It is easy to clarify theoretically but not on practical implementation even this idea has proven its effectiveness throughout the world.
Japanese Art Of War For Entreprenuership Strategies,

Japanese Art Of War Quotes In Today’s Business

According to traditional Japanese’s art of war which applies in today’s entrepreneurship strategy, the most essential factor in determining victory is to know yourself, your opponent and battlefield (marketplace). In other word is that you must audit your capability and do a research on your competitors as well as the marketplace.
The size of company is not a deciding factor for victory, nor the most well-equipped corporation will ensure victory. From the audit and research, it is important to plan, identify and attack the vulnerability of your superior opponent while protecting yourself from exposing your weakness.
Some of the popular Japanese ancient art of war quotes were;
1. Remove The Firewood From Under The Cooking Pot.
When your are facing a pot of boiling water, the force of boiling water is fierce and manageble. Instead, you should step back and discover the real source of water force; the firewood.
Once the source is discovered, you can easily remove the firewood from under the cooking pot, and the water will loose all its might. Employ this technique when the situation becomes unmanagable and it become necessary to remove the firewood.
2. One Arrow, Two Birds.
We have only one chance to shoot into a group of birds clustering in a treetop at a time. If we miss, we will frighten all the birds away. Before we shoot, we need to calculate our angle and aim carefully, so that one shot will yeald two birds.
3. The Fox Borrows The Tiger Present’s.
In a similar vein, birds ride on the back of buffalos. Birds provide relief for the buffalos by eating the ticks from their back, while buffalos provide shelter and protection for the birds. The fox and tiger are merely metafors and in reality can represent many things with some possibilities as follow;
  • The tiger is a powerful and influental individual who shares our vision and willing to lend his hand for purpose of mutual benefit. It also can be an organization or association that shares our vision and point of view.
  • The tiger could also be our job title and talent through the ability to master our field of expertise, the work can become our tiger.
4. Art Of Deception.
This is the most popular traditional Japanese concept of business. The marketplace is a battlefield. The essence of war is deception. When we are ready to attack, we must create the impression that we will not attack. Keep plans as dark and impenetrable as night. The highest form is to conqure by strategy.
Japanese has adopted these concepts in its economic warfare with the U.S. Japan appeared to be ‘no threat’ and pretended to be a docile pig. Now, it is feasting on the ‘tiger’ (the US government and tax payers).
5. Differentiation of Marketing And Selling.
Entrepreneur need to focus more on marketing than selling. Selling is the process of persuading customer to purchase the products and services, while marketing is more on to ensure that the customer will comfortable to find only us in order to purchase the product and services. Marketing involves the overall of the company’s strategy and tactics to ensure the goodwill, branding and overall success in the marketplace.
6. Collecting The Small Force.
Expand our forces from singular to multiple. One piranha alone might not have any impact; however, hundreds of piranhas will surely overcome the shark. Let us concentrate on our small success. Success in life often comes from accumulating a stronghold of small victories. The Japs believe, failure often caused by overlooking insignificant events.
Japanese Art Of War For Entreprenuership Strategies,

Japanese Art Of War For Career Motivation

Well again, upon all above… it’s not that I’m teaching you what to do.
As I have stated in my earlier post that I’m just passionate to share something that might be useful for all and every each of us.
Many times, people would come out of nowhere telling dynamic ideas then vanish from my life. Even there was a friend of mine said that the entrepreneur is the person who, in order to avoid working 8 hours a day, works 16 hours a day.
For whatever reasons it was, is and will be, I love my career as an entrepreneur, a sociopreneur and a blogpreneur.
It is my fervent hope that every posts in this blog will always be part of inspirational socialpreneurship contribution to the readers for the betterment of society.

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  1. Orang Jepun mengekalkan budaya perdagangn yg amat berseni menginspirasi penuh motivasi..mengadaptasinya walau tak keseluruhan pasti membawa kejayaan…didoakan dik KK sukses dlm apa saja bidang yg diceburi

  2. I like this point "one of the ingredients for most of Japanese success across the globe today".

  3. Banyak tentang Jepun yang boleh kita belajar. Lebih2 lagi tentang sikap dan pandangan mereka yang jauh ke hadapan.

  4. unsur2 samurai tu tetap tak boleh tggl 😉

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