INTI Students Make the Day for Coca-Cola’s Employees – 21 students from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at INTI International University (INTI) recently entered the grounds of Coca-Cola Bottlers (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. with one mission – to provide their assistance and services to the female employees at the corporation.

Accompanied by four lecturers who are also practitioners in their fields, the INTI students treated Coca-Cola’s female employees to complimentary Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Physiotherapy treatments and consultations about their current health status. The students succesfully treated over 150 female employees within three hours.

INTI Students Make the Day for Coca-Cola's Employees

Finaswani Zin, Head of Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability at Coca-Cola Bottlers (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. shared, “We wanted to celebrate the achievements and appreciate the dedication and efforts of women at our workplace.”

“INTI is one of our dedicated partners who have been working closely with us, and when we heard they also offer Physiotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine as part of their programmes, we thought it would be great for their students to offer their services to our female employees. The INTI students are nothing short of amazing, are adept and professional.”

INTI TCM Coca-Cola,

Dr Joseph Lee, Vice Chancellor of INTI International University said, “With World Health Day of 7th April, this is INTI’s opportunity to promote good health and we are pleased to know that the employees at Coca-Cola is one of the 450 top companies that INTI engages with on regular basis to ensure we are aligned with the needs of the industry.”

“As a result, our students walked away with a positive experience in providing treatments and consultations, as they prepare for a succesful career upon graduation.”

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Khir Khalid

Khir Khalid

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  1. wahhh baguslah usaha sebegini. salute!

    1. Pendedahan praktikal terus pelajar kpd industri.. usaha yg unik juga 🙂

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