Integrated Circut Design Boot Camp and Hackathon at INTI International College, Penang.Pendidikan 

Integrated Circuit Design Boot Camp And Hackathon

Integrated Circuit Design Boot Camp & Hackathon – With the ongoing trade war between the United State and China on technological advancements in the era of 5G, AI and IR4.0, expert and players from the information and communications technology industry foresee that the ultimate game changer would be the one who masters the integrated circut (IC) design and manufacturing technology, given that IC is the most fundamental building block for building advance technologies.

Engaging with one of the leading Malaysian companies who specialise in state-of-the-art IC design, INTI International College Penang (INTI) organised an IC design boot camp and hackathon coaching session to provide academicians and students from Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) program with deeper insights into this valuable industry.

Tan Chun Chiat, Senior Director  of Oppstar Technology

Integrated Circut Design Boot Camp and Hackathon

The full-day IC design boot camp saw nearly 120 students and lecturers actively participating in talks given by Oppstar Technology’s senior management team.

Oppstar Technology is one of INTI’s 450 industry partners in optimising employability outcomes among the graduates. It is a well-known local company that develops the 7 nanometre IC design, an advanced piece of technology that is used by the world’s largest telecomunications equipment makers, such as Huawei and Intel.

Students who are currently studying INTI’s Diploma in Eletrical & Engineering; and INTI’s three degree programmes offered in collaboration with Coventry University – Bachelor of Engineering in Eletrical & Electronic Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and Bachelor of Science in Computing, were also coached to formulate projects in order to take part in a hackathon extending over the next three months.

In delivering the keynote adress, Tan Chun Chiat, Senior Director of Oppstar Technology shared that Information and Communication Technology students should acquire knowledge and skills in integrated circuit design in order to thrive in their future workplace.

Lee Chun Keat, Senior Vice President of Oppstar Technology also gave students an overview of the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), conducted in software to hardware and system transformation.

Integrated Circuit Design Boot Camp and Hackathon at INTI International College Penang.

Grooms Technological Skills Among Future Game Changers

AI is a fast developing technology which will impact many fields and aplications, including medical, aviation and military technologies and even the daily lives of individuals. We have to master the knowledge and skills in AI, like machine and deep learning, to catch up with the development of technology.

Addressing concerns about the career path in IC design engineering, Lee assured the students, “To develop your career in the IC design industry is an exciting career path as you are working with state of the art technology and creating new things for the future.”

Fully inspired by the talks, students then split up into different project groups in the afternoon to participate in the hackathon coaching session. Stimultaniously, lecturers and the industry players gathered to discuss how they could incorporate fundamental IC design into INTI’s teaching curriculum.

Integrated Circuit Design Boot Camp and Hackathon at INTI International College Penang.

“The purpose of the hackhaton is to encourage innovation. Students are coached to form teams and formulate projects to take part in the hackathon. They will need to submit their project proposal to the organiser in a week’s time, and are given RM300 per team to execute their project respectively,” introduced Mr Johnny Wong Kee Hui, the Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology (SOEAT) at INTI Penang.

According to him, different teams shall present their final project or product in three months in order to qualify for the hackathon competitions. In encouraging students to unleash their potential in ICT innovation, the School with the sponsorship of Oppstar had prepared cash awards of RM1000, RM500 and RM300 for the top 3 winners.

Aiming to empower students to learn about technologies, the boot camp is one of numerous efforts to help students develop the competencies needed in the future, and supplements academic learning with practical experiences supported by industry.

By inspiring students to develop the right skills set, INTI continues to build on positive graduate outcomes that will help students stand out in the new era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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