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Vanisthaa Shanmuga Nathan was 19 years old when she first discovered the wonders of the aviation industry. From the time she first heard about the aviation industry from her significant other, Vanisthaa knew she was meant for the skies. However, she had to overcome several glitches before she set out to achieve her aviation dreams.

Her significant other, Kuhan Balakrishnan, who is presently a pilot, introduced her to the world of aircrafts with talks of breath-taking cockpit views, the dynamic challenges of flying, and the idea of becoming a pilot herself.

Unfortunately, she had already completed her Foundation in Business programme and had enrolled for her degree programme when she stumbled upon her new passion. Hesitant to disappoint her parents who had invested in her education, Vanisthaa decided to put her flying dreams on hold until she completed her degree, delaying her dream to enrol herself into flying school by 3 more years.

Vanisthaa Shanmuga Nathan, A Young Pilot's Journey To Achieving Her Aviation Dream,

A Young Pilot’s Journey To Achieving Her Aviation Dream

The Ipoh born local, who moved to Sabah when she was two-months old and where she lived her formative years, is also a daughter to two teachers. Born and raised in a traditional Asian family who had particular expectations about their children, she kept her piloting dreams ‘mum’ from her family for fear that her parents may not be supportive of their daughter pursuing a piloting career.

Still determind to pursue her dream however, Vanisthaa decided the best compromise was to enrol herself into flying school while completing her degree which her parents had invested in.

Vanisthaa eventually registered herself with the Sabah Flying Club during the second year of her degree to pick up on piloting skills and eventually learnt to be a professional pilot herself. It was at the Sabah Flying Club that she experienced her first flying lesson and became immediately enthralled with the therapeutic process of flying.

“Every day is a new adventure. I experience a different world when I am flying up in the air,” states Vanisthaa when asked about her flying experiences. Little did she know though, that flying school would present its own set of challenges too.

“There are different types of weather to storm through, different flying regulations I need to be aware of and different navigational routes to learn as we cross boarders with every flight,” – Vanisthaa.

An alumni of INTI College Sabah, Vanisthaa experienced other challenges. She elaborates, “While in flying school, I was also the President of INTIMA (INTI’s student body) and pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance concurently. It was a challenge to juggle and maintain a balance between my academic and personal pursuits, but I eventually learned to strike the balance.”

“I broke the news to my family after I received the offer and to my relief, they were supportive of my decision to enrol into flying school, seing that I was about to complete my degree,” explained Vanisthaa when asked about her family’s response.

Vanisthaa Shanmuga Nathan, A Young Pilot's Journey To Achieving Her Aviation Dream,

Presently enrolled in Air Asia’s Cadet Pilot program, Vanisthaa is busier than ever, yet living her dream. She is currently undergoing training in the Malaysian Flying Academy, Malacca, and is actively pursuing whatever it takes to be in the skies. When asked about her experiences in flying school, she expressed that she feels like she’s in the military.

“We have physical training every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.30am, and it involves a combination of cardio workouts and jogging. We also have strict sleeping schedules to adhere to, to prevent exhaustion while in training. Despite this, my training experiences instil discipline and cultivates a healthy lifestyle, so I am not complaining.”

As of 2017, the International Society of Women Pilots’ reported that only 3% of the 130,000 pilots globally are female. It has been found that women often face gender stereotyping, less-family friendly flexibility in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, and a lack of female role models to seek encouragement and support from.

With these challenges at hand and the personal challenges Vanisthaa has overcome, this fighting spirit has proved that a fierce determination and perseverance will get any individual through any turbulance.



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  1. When there is a will, there is a way

    1. Indeed.. success comes to those who dare and act.

  2. Minat n kemahuan penting utk mncapai impian

    1. Minat dan kemahuan disertai tindakan pasti ada kejayaannya.

    1. Betul tu.. inspirasi dan memotivasikan!

  3. kalaulah anak2 muda kita punya cita2 mcm beliau…. instead of choosing entertainment industry for better future… ops!

    1. Saya setuju dgn Anies.. moga menjadi inspirasi bermanfaat utk mereka yg bercita2 besar dan berani menyahut cabaran dgn tindakan sebaiknya.

  4. Dulu pun saya suka sangat pada karier ini tapi tak banyak pula iklan macam sekarang. Tahniah pada Vanisthaa

  5. Perempuan pun boleh berjaya dalam bidang aviation atau dalam apa juga kerjaya bila keinginan dan usaha menjadi pemacu diri. Tahniah Vanistha

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