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Teledirect To Provide Scholarship Worth RM100K To INTI’s International Students

INTI International University & Colleges (INTI) entered into a MoU with one of Malaysia’s top business process services provider, Teledirect Telecommerce Sdn Bhd (Teledirect), where Teledirect will provide scholarship worth RM10,000 per student for 10 final year international students from INTI.

Through this agreement, Teledirect will also create job opportunities for the scholarship holders to work with Teledirect for at least one year.

MoU INTI and Teledirect,

Since November 2017, Teledirect has been one of INTI’s most active industry partners, providing industry expertise in INTI’s Industry Advisory Board, being part of the mentors for INTI’s newly introduced Design Thinking module – which serves to develop competencies in critical thinking and solutions development for current issues, training students through internships, employer projects, INTI’s Leadership Series, and also being a contributor in INTI’s first CFO Roundtable discussion to build a community of practice for Shared Service Centers and Global Business Services.

Tan Lin Nah, INTI’s Chief Operating Officer cum Chief Financial Officer said; “Today’s signing ceremony is a significant one for our international students, many of whom already gain international experiences when studying with us, and are eager to continue their careers in Malaysia. As a hub for the quality delivery of education, we also hope to play our part in establishing a healthy talent pipeline by adressing concerns arising in human capital needs and enabling our partners to build competent employees.”

Byron J. Fernandez, Country Director of Teledirect concurs; As a service provider to multinational companies in the financial, IT, airline, luxury and telecommunication sectors, in 8 countries, we specialise in generating high sales growth, improving call centre performance and profit generating consumer service. We are constantly on the lookout for bright, promising talents and by offering this opportuity to international students from INTI to compete their studies, they can contribute to the Malaysian economy with their international outlook and fresh perspectives, coupled with the wealth of exposures and experiences they gained as students in INTI.”

MoU INTI and Teledirect,

This collaboration is also part of INTI ensuring outstanding graduate outcomes.

In 2017, 99% of INTI graduates secured jobs within 6 months of graduating, while 60% received job offers even before they graduate.

INTI ensures its students meet the expectations of an increasingly competitive global workplace, and innovate education so that students are highly employable upon graduation, especially in a rapid changing digital landscape.


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