INTI Brings Deepavali To Life Through Stop Motion Animation Video

The trend of festive videos has steadily emerged in popularity over the years, with many organisations exploring heartwarming or hilarious stories focusing on themes of friendship, family and unity. While no stranger to content creation and story-telling, INTI International University & Colleges this Deepavali opted to take a road less taken and explored the use of stop motion animation in telling its festive tale.

“Rather than a stand-alone video, this year we explored a multi-faceted approach with characters that students could engage with both on and off the screen. Our characters made their debut almost a week ago on social media, and will continue to make appearences around our campuses after the release of INTI’s Deepavali video. Exploring this unconventional route has enabled us to do more than just produce a video but to really engage with our student body and push our creative boundaries,” said Timothy Johnson, INTI’s Senior Vice President for Marketing, Products & Partnerships.

INTI Deepavali video,

To bring to life these unique characters, INTI collaborated with self-taught Malaysian visual artist Ruby Subramaniam – an active proponent of Malaysian narratives and culture in her artwork, and the founder of Art Battle Malaysia, an event which enable audiences to participate actively in discussing and appreciating art. To her went the gargantuan task of molding and shaping each clay character and giving them various expressions.

Working alongside Ruby was a team from Bawah Pokok Entertainment, a local production house specializing in social media content who painstakingly shot each scene of the video and edited the entire piece.

INTI Deepavali video,

“Stop motion videos require significantly more time and precision. In spite being shorter than many of our previous videos, the process of creating characters from scratch, of shooting these palm sized figurines and then editing the story into a comprehensive whole required a lot more attention to detail than shooting actual actors. Beyond our own creativity, this video aimed to inspire students – especially those who are already actively developing content – to try their hand at different mediums. In doing so, they develop their creative and technical skills which they can then take with them into their future careers” explained Johnson.

Released on 2nd November 2018, the video uses animals inspired by the deites in Hindu mythology. The concept essentially highlights the rich culture behind the Hindu religion and aims at creating awareness on the real reason behind the Deepavali celebration – which is to awaken the inner self within oneself and celebrate light defeating darkness.

While only recently released, the video is already attracting attention on social media with over 24,000 views on Facebook and 32,000 views on Twitter.

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